Five Super-Simple Ways To Be Your Own Career and Job Search Superhero

Five Super-Simple Ways To Be Your Own Career and Job Search Superhero

As a recruiter, I’m an expert in a profession that supports two of the most dreaded activities in employment: job hunting and recruiting.

Many, if not most, hiring managers have some level of dread surrounding the hiring process. Generally, it’s just simply the feeling of overwhelm.

And, candidates are well documented to really dread, resent and hate the job hunting process. There are a litany of valid reasons. Spending precious time on a really personal and important life goal and need (career fulfillment and making money to live) that sadly can feel dismissive, intrusive and offensive. Good times, right?

I get it – from both the hiring manager and candidate side. These emotions are actually some of my biggest drivers and then parts of my career that cause me sleeplessness. As an empathetic person, I’ve often been a part of systems and events that have unintentionally someone with a few of those feelings.

There are a ton of high-value ways that employers can take control in this scearnio – whether its a job seeker or employer’s hiring market.

All too often, though candidates don’t know there are a number of really super-simple things that you can do to take back some power, gain confidence and be in a better position to make better job search decisions. Really, simple things.

1) Create your ‘business’ card.

This can be a physical card; but at the very least you should have a digital ‘card’ that

    • you have as a stand-alone contact on your phone that you can zap to people right away
    • you add to the end of all your personal emails
    • you add to your resume
    • you add to your social profiles

To create your business card, first you’ll need to gather all the content to add to you. Physical address is optional, I would suggest maybe just your City and State as the only real necessities here. You’re not throwing a party; you’re just creating relevance – I live in the physcial market of the job in question. But, you do need to go around and gather all the URL’s of your social profiles that are relevant to your career.

The trickiest of these profiles is often your LinkedIn profile, which you can find here:
The URL for your LinkedIn profile doesn't always stand out to people. Here's where you can find it

Once you have your business card information gathered, consider:

  • a small (you can get going for less than $25) investment in physical cards, which can never harm the impression you make, and give them out when you meet new connections
  • creating your About.Me landing page and using that as your digital landing page
  • sharing your digital card from your phone, with a professional address entry that you can text on the fly whenever anyway asks for your contact info

2) Speaking of Social Profiles. Know Thyself…

There is no such thing as you can’t find this profile; I’ve got it locked down. Just trust me on this one, ok?

So, as you create social profiles, just be aware. Be aware that there is this thing called the Way Back Machine that finds really old content. Be aware that what you post, even if it is on ‘fun’ network like Snapchat, can and just might reflect on you. Be aware that what your friends post about you can, too.

So, understand how to lock down your profiles, restrict people tagging you in photos that you don’t want shown. And, also, make a decision about the what you’re ok with your employer learning about you. If you’re offended that an employer might make a decision on your desirability as a candidate after find something about you partying hard in a bar (even if it was a Bar Crawl for a completely respectable charitable cause), you need to understand that employers actually do that. 

This begs a completely unresolved question of ethics and employment law – that you and I are not going to resolve personally.

However, here are the choices you own in this process: decide to broaden your hire-ability by cleaning up and locking down your social profiles OR decide that you don’t want to work in an environment that cares if you take part in a charitable pub crawl or something that you choose to participate in as an adult in your free time.

Case in point: I’ve made this decision for myself over time on another topic – children. Years ago I was given the advice to *never* discuss that I wanted or (eventually would) have children because it would limit my career. After I was given this advice, I heard a male leader once discussion how he didn’t want to work with someone who was always balancing being a Mommy with work. So, it happens – clearly bias (and a whole different topic for an entirely different post), but it was real. I opted to not go the exhausting route of hiding my motherhood. 

So, make your choice.

3) Lockdown your LinkedIn Profile

For years, one of the red flags of an employer was the alert of an employer suddenly freshening their LinkedIn profile, adding connections (hmm, why so many recruiters?), and adding recommendations to their profiles.

Now, as a recruiting and career coach professional, I would chastise that these are things that should be done overtime anyway. Your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t necessarily be a grave yard until you need it. (For that case, nor should your resume).

But, chances are you’re reading this because you need to understand how to revamp your LinkedIn profile now. So, before you do any updates there are three things that you should do on the ‘back-end’ of your profile.

4) Job Searches Aren’t Events

You’ve heard this a bizillion times before, but its true. Keep your network current. Have a professional group you can belong to? Join it and attend. Or, branch out and consider bigger networking opportunities, like Toastmasters, or a Meetup Group. 

5) Coffee, E-Prime Your Resume & Keep It Current (Just Because)

Coffee? Not literally, but a metaphor. Imagine that you’re grabbing a cup of coffee with your mentor and want to talk about your career – where its been and how it’s prepared you to move on. It’s a conversation, right? No therefore, hereto’s or untold’s are involved. You’re using comfortable, digestable language. Well take your resume and read it, as if you were reading it over coffee with this trusted person. If it’s hard to read; edit it. If the grammar is stilted or too technical; edit it. If the grammar is wrong; edit it. Reading text out loud actually helps the brain edit easier; so, you’ll catch more by actually putting your text to spoken word.

Alright e-priming is maybe not ‘super simple’ (don’t sue me), but it is super achievable. And, a rarely applied approach that will create a subtle differentiation to your resume. So, if you’ve not heard of e-prime, it is an area of linguistics that suggests dropping ‘to be’ and derivatives from our lexicon. Essentially, you will remove anything like: 

      • be
      • being
      • been
      • am
      • is; isn’t
      • are; aren’t
      • was; wasn’t
      • were; weren’t
      • Contractions formed from a pronoun and a form of to be:
        • I’m
        • you’re; we’re; they’re
        • he’s; she’s; it’s
        • there’s; here’s
        • where’s; how’s; what’s; who’s
        • that’s
(source Wikipedia)

And finally, keep your resume current. Are you noticing a theme? Yes, if you want to be confident at any point in your career (and trust me if you’ve lived through a layoff, even as a ‘survivor’, you do); then working through all of this as a routine is essential to positioning yourself as the leader of your career.j

Interestingly, you internal social capital to your current company is likely to improve, too.

So, now that you have five really easy ways to start owning your job search; what’s the next step your looking to take in your career?
If you’re in the market for a new position, you can take a look at my current search projects, and bookmark to stay up-to-date.

I'm Steph Kelly, I help small businesses find, hire and keep employees with recruitment and career coaching systems.

Hiring for Medical Device Jobs Hiring is HOT Now.

Hiring for Medical Device Jobs Hiring is HOT Now.

Hire The Right Talent helping to find candidates to hire into entry level medical device sales positions in West Texas, Utah and Washington state.


If you are looking to get a job a in medical device sales and grow a career as a medical device sales person, a quick look at some current statistics from, show a really exciting picture.
Hire The Right Talent helps people looking for jobs in medical device sales which Indeed shows as a growing hiring market.The job market for medical device sales is continuing to grow, creating great opportunities in all spaces of the career field, from entry-level, to mid-level to senior-level job opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, is more conservative in its projection for the broader space of manufacturing sales in general, stating in its 2015 Occupational Outlook Handbook that:

manufacturing sales representatives [hiring] is projected to grow 7 percent from 2014 to 2024.

As a subset of the broader category of manufacturing sales, medical device sales will likely follow a trend of growth and expansion in healthcare as the graying of the baby boomer population leads to greater need for geriatric care, and the growing population combined with the increased research and development of devices to support healthier, longer-living.

Compared to the broad category of manufacturing sales, healthcare/medical device sales seems more likely to follow the trend of the healthcare space in general, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook says:

healthcare occupations [opportunities are] projected to grow 19 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 2.3 million new jobs

This growth in career opportunities is likely supported by the projection that, according to Deloitte, “healthcare spending in North America is expected to increase, on average, 4.9 percent during 2014-2018.” Deloitte’s research attributes this growth to an increase in access to healthcare, aging of the population, growing population and wealth and an increase in chronic diseases.

Are you looking to get hired in medical device sales?

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If you have a high-achieving sales history in companies known for rigorous selling process and goals, like: payroll services, staffing services, copier sales, logistics fulfillment (uniforms, parts, supplies) – you’re have the perfect success profile for this position. And, if you can demonstrate your resilience through a stable work history, you are a very interesting candidate.

No medical device sales experience is required; this hired sales representative will go through a world-class, rigorous training program on all aspects of company sales and technical training.

Medical Device Sales

Territories available in (minimal relocation assistance available):

West Texas


Washington (state)

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Entry-level opportunity

Key Requirements: in addition to your demonstrated high-achieving sales success, hold a BA/BS minimum, you will need to pass a full background, drug test and hold a valid drivers license, carry (or be able to) full automobile insurance, must possess the right to work without sponsorship.

1st Year Compensation: Base ~$50,000 (training)

2nd Year Compensation: Total Compensation at Goal ~$80,000+

Interested? The hiring company is looking for speed, so here’s how we can get in you in the queue for consideration by the Friday, March 4 deadline:

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  3. accept my invitation to complete a high-level, online candidate profile
  4. press send to submit your completed candidate profile, I’ll get in touch with next steps

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The One Thing You Must Do To Hire Employees

The One Thing You Must Do To Hire Employees

THE ONE THING YOu MUST DO TO HIRE EMPLOYEES Hire The Right Talent periscopeIf you’re trying to do ONE THING to hire employees, what should that be?  Some very new and exciting research from Pew takes a deep dive into the real tools job seekers use in their career searches. We’ll take a look at how it applies to employers, and what every employer should be doing to use this information in how to hire employees.

I talk about it and you can hear about it here.

If you’re more of a reader, then let’s take a dive into the data-driven insight that anyone with a hiring need should digest and implement into their hiring strategy. The two huge take away points from the Pew Research piece define:

  • where candidates get jobs insights
  • who candidates talk with when getting their jobs

Candidates Go Online

Ok, this might not seem so overwhelmingly earth-shaking. Duh, everyone is online right? (Ok, well it seems that around 80% of job-eligible adults are). What the Pew Report defines is that 34% of candidates believe their number one job search tool was online resources.

Make no mistake, however, this is huge. Why?

First, it is a trend change over time. Historically, search and recruitment firms played a bigger role in candidate success. Candidates no longer seem to rely or see this working for them.

Second, keep in mind – recruiting is about finding and connecting with the right people where they live, work and play. So, if candidates aren’t working with recruiters – and they are working with online resources, employers need to find a way to become visible and reachable through online resources.

Static career pages (which were never a strategy itself) are now less effective. Just posting jobs, while actually improving in some areas of effectiveness aren’t a stand-alone strategy, even if you post to 1000’s of boards.

Social media is a natural fit – you can use push (postings, paid and organic) messaging and use pull/inbound (SEO, blogs, forum interactions) and leverage the unique qualities of different social platforms to find, target and amplify your career messaging and brand.

So, if you are serious about hiring employees, understand that if candidates are finding job hunting success with online tools, you should have an online employer hiring strategy.

Sit down, right now, do you have an online hiring strategy? And, great if you post jobs to job boards, or your company twitter, etc. Those are great tools – but do you have a strategy?

Do you know your ideal employee/candidate avatar (a profile of who is most successful on your team)? Do you use that profile to identify where they live, work, play and communicate online?

This avatar will be the foundation of how you can create an online employer strategy that works best for your team. It will guide you to the right tools and messaging to use in your online employer strategy.

If you’d like to hear about hiring, recruiting, social recruiting and recruitment marketing; you can get great nuggets of insight, business trends, relevant research and more with Steph at:

Sales Engineer (Construction) in Columbus OH

Sales Engineer (Construction) in Columbus OH

Hire The Right Talent is hiring a construction sales engineer.

Hire The Right Talent is hiring a construction sales engineer.

This is a true, hunter-sales opportunity. Carve out a new territory from the entire state of Ohio with the infrastructure of a top-performing sales and service organization.

Great opportunity to carve out a new market for an existing equipment distribution company with a 30+ year track record of sales and service excellence. This greenfield territory offers significant income opportunity.

Client is looking for a construction sales leader who can bring their rotating equipment product line direct to the field construction and oil & gas market.

The hiring company has a line card of premier and protected products and territories. The company is a leader in sales and service to their industrial/commercial/manufacturing client base, and is positioned to bring their rotating equipment to the construction market.

This opportunity provides a senior sales leader with an exceptional opportunity to capitalize on significant earning opportunity – start your territory with a generous first-year salary guarantee while you grow your customer base. Transition to a a lucrative base + commission program in years two and beyond.

Learn more + apply

About Hire The Right Talent

About Hire The Right Talent

Stephanie Kelly, specializes in helping small businesses grow with simple social, mobile and recruiting solutions.

Leveraging over 32,500 hours of social media and recruiting experience, she founded Hire The Right Talent, LLC (HTRT) to help businesses maximize their recruiting dollars.

HTRT provides a free job posting, social and mobile-ready job distribution platform at R8jobs.

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Steph created Hire The Right Talent to help small businesses capture big recruiting results.

Steph created Hire The Right Talent to help small businesses capture big recruiting results.