Hiring for Medical Device Jobs Hiring is HOT Now.

Hiring for Medical Device Jobs Hiring is HOT Now.

Hire The Right Talent helping to find candidates to hire into entry level medical device sales positions in West Texas, Utah and Washington state.


If you are looking to get a job a in medical device sales and grow a career as a medical device sales person, a quick look at some current statistics from Indeed.com, show a really exciting picture.
Hire The Right Talent helps people looking for jobs in medical device sales which Indeed shows as a growing hiring market.The job market for medical device sales is continuing to grow, creating great opportunities in all spaces of the career field, from entry-level, to mid-level to senior-level job opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, is more conservative in its projection for the broader space of manufacturing sales in general, stating in its 2015 Occupational Outlook Handbook that:

manufacturing sales representatives [hiring] is projected to grow 7 percent from 2014 to 2024.

As a subset of the broader category of manufacturing sales, medical device sales will likely follow a trend of growth and expansion in healthcare as the graying of the baby boomer population leads to greater need for geriatric care, and the growing population combined with the increased research and development of devices to support healthier, longer-living.

Compared to the broad category of manufacturing sales, healthcare/medical device sales seems more likely to follow the trend of the healthcare space in general, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook says:

healthcare occupations [opportunities are] projected to grow 19 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 2.3 million new jobs

This growth in career opportunities is likely supported by the projection that, according to Deloitte, “healthcare spending in North America is expected to increase, on average, 4.9 percent during 2014-2018.” Deloitte’s research attributes this growth to an increase in access to healthcare, aging of the population, growing population and wealth and an increase in chronic diseases.

Are you looking to get hired in medical device sales?

If you’re looking for a quick, interviewing opportunity in medical device sales, I’ll invite you to take a look at this current candidate search, available in a few markets across the U.S.

I am working to identify candidates with a history of strong B2B sales experience, who can demonstrate success in persevering, breaking into accounts, and resilience to hearing “no” and “no” and “no”, but assertively keeping their company top-of-mind.

If you have a high-achieving sales history in companies known for rigorous selling process and goals, like: payroll services, staffing services, copier sales, logistics fulfillment (uniforms, parts, supplies) – you’re have the perfect success profile for this position. And, if you can demonstrate your resilience through a stable work history, you are a very interesting candidate.

No medical device sales experience is required; this hired sales representative will go through a world-class, rigorous training program on all aspects of company sales and technical training.

Medical Device Sales

Territories available in (minimal relocation assistance available):

West Texas


Washington (state)

Search Close Date: Friday, March 4

Entry-level opportunity

Key Requirements: in addition to your demonstrated high-achieving sales success, hold a BA/BS minimum, you will need to pass a full background, drug test and hold a valid drivers license, carry (or be able to) full automobile insurance, must possess the right to work without sponsorship.

1st Year Compensation: Base ~$50,000 (training)

2nd Year Compensation: Total Compensation at Goal ~$80,000+

Interested? The hiring company is looking for speed, so here’s how we can get in you in the queue for consideration by the Friday, March 4 deadline:

  1. send your resume for initial consideration, to the position matching your geographic preference: West Texas  –  Utah   –   Washington State
  2. I’ll send you feedback on if you meet general candidate guidelines – and if not, how your background compares.
  3. accept my invitation to complete a high-level, online candidate profile
  4. press send to submit your completed candidate profile, I’ll get in touch with next steps

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