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Telling your employer everything about your future plans is not an obligation.
















Have you ever questioned if you had an obligation to share information with your employer that seemed questionable?

The author of this response gives an extremely valid point: your company won’t tell you everything about their plans for growth, development, continuation, your salary – it’s all based on now. Certainly, there are exceptions that would debate, but they are certainly more outliers for more people than not. I’m thinking here specifically about: employment contracts, if you are a highly-compensated corporate executive involved in strategic planning, etc.

So, the next time you find yourself struggling with whether or not your thoughts and plans are warranted to share, consider these guidelines to navigate whether the subject is one that you should broach at all:

  • Are you talking about a time period for which the employer has committed/guaranteed employment to you in writing?
  • Are you considering a written in stone-reality, a likelihood or a more theoretical plan?
  • If the information you are considering doesn’t come to be, what does that outcome mean for you?
  • If you shared this information once it becomes reality, are you providing standard professional courtesy?
  • Is there a legal reason you need to share this information? 
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