Have you ever felt like you’re just out of balance, getting moved along a path in your career, but you are behind the controls of the destination. I hear this a lot – careers out of control with demanding jobs spilling over into chaos in all areas of your life. This imbalance is often caused by putting undue focus on certain priorities to an extent that pushes out your other priorities. A life that’s under control is also well-balanced.

Regain your balance and get back at the helm of a life you desire with these strategies:

1. Tackle your possessions. It’s easy to get your life out of balance if you’ve been overly focused on possessions. You’re more likely to incur debt. You also might be feeling empty inside. The rush of owning a Ferrari eventually wear off. Avoid chasing possessions as a source of happiness.

  • By the same token, if you don’t have the possessions you require, life is also unbalanced. Reliable transportation, suitable clothing, and a phone are a few possessions that are worth having.
  • Avoid letting possessions control your life, but ensure that you have what you need.
  • If debt is an issue, find a resource to help you understand your debt issues (do you lack income, or overspend?), make a budget that supports a healthy life goals and debt reduction overtime.

2. Your appearance and health. Focusing on your health is a worthwhile use of your attention. But too many people are overly concerned with their appearance. Everyone that lives long enough eventually looks old. What will you do then?

  • You still have the option of feeling good about yourself, even if you’re not as attractive by the stereotypical standards as some people are. Everyone has their own unique beauty.
  • Paying attention to your health and accepting your appearance will put this aspect of your life into balance.
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3. Finances. Many people tie their self-image to their income. This isn’t a healthy or well-balanced approach. Money and happiness also don’t correlate above an income of $75k. Avoid basing your self-esteem on how much money you make.

  • Having too little money can also throw your life out of balance. If you don’t have enough money to reliably pay your bills and feed your family, there’s going to be stress. Focus on generating the income you need, but avoid giving money more attention than it deserves.
  • Are you looking for ways to generate extra income? Take a look at the skills you have – there is almost always some availability for part-time gig-type work from delivering pizza’s, to digital economy gigs on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. What about selling off things on Ebay? Crafting or collecting on Etsy? Don’t overlook simple solutions that might not be valuable to you, but could generate an influx of needed cash.

4. Relationships. Relationships are important, but they’re not the only thing in life. Putting all your emphasis on a relationship can limit other aspects of your life.

  • Relationships can be a significant source of both pleasure and stress. If your life is feeling out of control, take a look at your relationships and determine if they are positive and rewarding or negative and demanding or worse, destructive or harmful. 

5. Career. This tends to affect men more than women. Men seem to define themselves by their careers. How many times have you been asked, “What do you do?” And we’d love to say we’re a cardiothoracic surgeon instead of a plumber. But why does it matter?

  • Give work enough priority that you’re able to be successful in your chosen field, and remember that you’re more than your job title.
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6. Reputation. Once we start school, we’re obsessed with the opinions of others. Carrying this attitude into adulthood can create challenges.

  • Let go of the need to be admired by everyone. If your friends and family admire you, you’re doing better than most.

It’s all about balance. Try to find the middle path. We all need money, but no one needs $10 million. It’s not having $10 million that’s the problem. It’s the unreasonable pursuit of it. Find balance in your work, relationships, and possessions. Get your life back under control by seeking balance.

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