THE ONE THING YOu MUST DO TO HIRE EMPLOYEES Hire The Right Talent periscopeIf you’re trying to do ONE THING to hire employees, what should that be?  Some very new and exciting research from Pew takes a deep dive into the real tools job seekers use in their career searches. We’ll take a look at how it applies to employers, and what every employer should be doing to use this information in how to hire employees.

I talk about it and you can hear about it here.

If you’re more of a reader, then let’s take a dive into the data-driven insight that anyone with a hiring need should digest and implement into their hiring strategy. The two huge take away points from the Pew Research piece define:

  • where candidates get jobs insights
  • who candidates talk with when getting their jobs

Candidates Go Online

Ok, this might not seem so overwhelmingly earth-shaking. Duh, everyone is online right? (Ok, well it seems that around 80% of job-eligible adults are). What the Pew Report defines is that 34% of candidates believe their number one job search tool was online resources.

Make no mistake, however, this is huge. Why?

First, it is a trend change over time. Historically, search and recruitment firms played a bigger role in candidate success. Candidates no longer seem to rely or see this working for them.

Second, keep in mind – recruiting is about finding and connecting with the right people where they live, work and play. So, if candidates aren’t working with recruiters – and they are working with online resources, employers need to find a way to become visible and reachable through online resources.

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Static career pages (which were never a strategy itself) are now less effective. Just posting jobs, while actually improving in some areas of effectiveness aren’t a stand-alone strategy, even if you post to 1000’s of boards.

Social media is a natural fit – you can use push (postings, paid and organic) messaging and use pull/inbound (SEO, blogs, forum interactions) and leverage the unique qualities of different social platforms to find, target and amplify your career messaging and brand.

So, if you are serious about hiring employees, understand that if candidates are finding job hunting success with online tools, you should have an online employer hiring strategy.

Sit down, right now, do you have an online hiring strategy? And, great if you post jobs to job boards, or your company twitter, etc. Those are great tools – but do you have a strategy?

Do you know your ideal employee/candidate avatar (a profile of who is most successful on your team)? Do you use that profile to identify where they live, work, play and communicate online?

This avatar will be the foundation of how you can create an online employer strategy that works best for your team. It will guide you to the right tools and messaging to use in your online employer strategy.

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